It’s 2am. I’m burning the candle at both ends again trying to buy another must-have product from Japan. It’s a limited edition, Japan-only, 50th anniversary Casio calculator. With it’s diamond-cut aluminum alloy body and anti-reflective high-contrast display, one wonders if Casio has lured Jonathan Ive away from Cupertino.

Take my money! But how?

Finding a shop in Japan which ships abroad is hard enough, but the Casio S100 appears to be sold-out everywhere. Even with the aid of Google Translate, the mission feels hopeless.

Enter White Rabbit Express, a Tokyo-based buying service for Japanese products. I’d used them before to buy a Porter wallet, and their bilingual staff are fast, friendly and informative. Over live chat they explain the calculator is on backorder and will be available again in January. I pre-order the item through their straight-forward website.

Japan-only products are a thing of the past. White Rabbit Express truly makes it easy to buy anything from Japan.