Thankful for Friendship: the story of Marimo the cat and Fuku the owl

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Marimo the cat and Fuku the owl: 2 different species who have become best friends

Because it’s Thanksgiving, we want to take a moment and remind ourselves what we’re truly thankful for: friendship. And one of the most meaningful and important things about friendship is that it can happen between different backgrounds, different ideals, different thinking, different appearances and even different species. Take, for example, the story of Marimo the cat and Fuku the owl, who live in a cafe in Osaka, Japan.

The two met when Marimo was just a few months old and immediately hit it off. They’ve grown older but have remained best friends.

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all images courtesy Hukulou Coffee

Marimo and Fuku sleep together, play together and hang out together. They’re so close that the inseparable couple were nicknamed FukuMari. They’ve become quite a popular tourist attraction too, resulting in overwhelming visitors to the Hukulou Coffee shop in Osaka where they live.

You can go to see them in person but the shop owner is careful to not let Fuku get too tired, especially since a coffee shop is not it’s natural habitat. If you can’t make it to Osaka, FukuMari has a photobook coming out on December 24, 2015 and it’s going to be available through Amazon.

FukuMari are one of the more adorable reminders that we can all get along despite our differences. Happy Thanksgiving!

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the two have since grown up but remain best friends

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  1. This is so adorable! I love Marimo’s little floppy ears.

  2. But it’s sad to see the poor owl tied with a rope. Maybe he wants to fly away and find his own friend. Maybe he wants to be free too, like us.

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