Spoon & Tamago 2010 year in review

I’ll be heading to Japan shortly so expect posts on S&T to slow down as we enter the holiday season. And by slow down, I mean, come to a grinding halt. I’ll be in touch on twitter, but with a wedding to attend, family to visit with, good food to enjoy, onsen to relax in, and all with 2 jet-lagged children, I doubt there will be much time for blogging. 2010 has been a really fun year and I’ve enjoyed having you all as an audience. Happy Holidays and all the best in the new year!

Here are our most popular posts of 2010:

A Room in the Glass Globe by Hideyuki Nakayama
Hideyuki Nakayama’s interior-reflecting doorknob captured the hearts of everyone (including a few serial killers and pervs).

Mast Humidifier by Shin Okada
Shin Okada’s hinoki humidifier seems to be the perfect solution for cold, dry winters.

Student Work | Kyoto University of Art and Design
There is a lot of up-and-coming talent, as evidenced by the amazing work showcased by the students of Kyoto University Art and Design. Professionals, beware.

Wipe Shirt by design unit FIFT
Design unit FIFT’s button-down with built-in microfiber is high-fashion with just a hint of geek.

Green Marker | Yuruliku
Those who have not yet migrated fully to eBooks appreciated Yuruliku’s book weeds. The grass-shaped post-its serve as page markers and the accumulation of  interest or curiosity creates a blossoming tuft of grass.


  1. Hi… I too, am leaving for Tokyo in a few short days… been there 8 or 9 times before- so I thought I would ask you what you top 5 things to do or see for visitors who have already done the touristy things….

  2. Have a great time!!! and if you are there for Christmas, enjoy the Christmas cake 🙂 Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Love your blog! Hope you have a nice time in Tokyo 🙂 Its pretty cold here now…

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