a tunnel runs through it | the experimental tunnel house by Makiko Tsukada

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all photos by shinkenchiku-sha courtesy makiko tsukada architects

I’m not sure whose idea it was to design a home around a tunnel, but this residence in Tokyo certainly stands out, even within a nation known for their odd, experimental homes. The “Tunnel House,” as it was aptly named, was designed by Makiko Tsukada, a 53-year old female architect, who created the cavernous space for a couple and their three cats. But something tells me the cats are getting more use out of it than the humans. The tunnel begins right at the street, where a carved out section of the home forms a parking lot. The tunnel then extends throughout the home, dividing and linking spaces with openings that lead into the bathroom and bedroom, as well as a small courtyard.

A pair of stairs – one which actually brings you on top of the tunnel – leads to a 2nd floor dining room and kitchen. “There’s a certain feeling of comfort one gets by walking through this space,” says the architect. Well, I’m not sure about comfort but it would certainly keep the day interesting.

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*all quotes translated from Japanese to English by the author

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