SUS Gallery is a Japanese lifestyle brand that specializes in handmade titanium bowls and tumblers. The brand leverages the age-old craftsmanship of artisans of Tsubame City in Niigata prefecture, along with the technology required to mold the material, resulting in unique pieces that delicately balance utilitarian charm with luxurious beauty.

SUS Gallery Aoyama is a new flagship retail shop that opened in December 2020. Designed by renowned architect Sou Fujimoto (previously), the shop was designed to not only to showcase products, but also to educate consumers on the history and craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

Floor-to-ceiling shelving, along with a mirrored ceiling, gives the illusion of a much larger space while also creating a lush, surreal environment. It feels like stepping into outer space.

Lightweight, durable and odorless, titanium as actually well-suited for tableware. It also never rests or decays. But the fact that it’s incredibly difficult to meld and work with is the reason we don’t see them in the table more often. And what makes SUS Gallery’s pieces even more unique is that they developed a way to create a “vacuum-insulated dual structure.” In other words, there’s empty space in-between the inside and outside walls of each piece so that temperatures of food and beverages are insulated. You can see more on the company’s Instagram account.

SUS Gallery Minami-Aoyama Flagship
3-9-7 Kita-Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan (Gmap)
Weekdays 12:00~20:00, weekends 11:00~20:00
Closed Mondays