Sushi-Roll Artist Tama-chan is back with a new book

The last time we wrote about Tama-chan’s unique sushi rolls was only a few months ago. In the meantime, her ephemeral art grew in popularity over the world. She went on to compete in a contest by Innovation Norway with this “The Scream” video, and appeared on German TV program Galileo.

Tama-chan – also know as Takayo Kiyota – is now releasing her new book, Smiling Sushi Roll. It contains exclusive work as well as recipes for some of her famous sushi roll art. If you are a fan of edible art as much as we are, be sure to get a copy (3,400 yen) at the publisher’s website.

Smiling Sushi Roll Cover

In the meanwhile, those of you who are in Tokyo and want to learn all about Tama-chan’s techniques, hurry and book a seat at her very own workshop next month at Time Out Café. You can also check her Facebook page (Japanese) to know when she plans to hold her next makizushi-making events.

The age of the dinosaur

The age of the Dinosaur – one of Tama-chan’s new work

The Hoshiwajo standing figure

The Hoshi-Wajo Buddha

The Japanese salaryman(left)

The Japanese Salaryman

Here is a sneak peak into Tama-chan’s kitchen:

Capture d’écran 2014-04-24 à 23.07.06Capture d’écran 2014-04-24 à 22.03.20

Bonus: a sushi roll eating … a sushi roll. From Tama-chan’s Pechakucha presentation

Source: Little More Books


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