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Shinjuku Station is the world’s busiest connection hub, servicing roughly 3.6 million people *per day.* That’s right – almost 30% of Tokyo’s massive population passes through on any given day. But now there’s a new pick-me-up for the weary commuter. A sweet destination and some relief after being squeezed in on a crowded train. The Spanish candy shop Papabubble has opened it’s 5th Japanese location, this time in Shinjuku station.

The shop, which is known for its performance-based candy making, is located in the concourse of the station in a dug-out along a wide wall. Using the lack of depth to their advantage, Torafu Architects designed a bold storefront that draws out the company’s brand image. In order to stand out amongst the crowds of people, the architects opted for a primarily black interior – a stark contrast against the sterile station.

Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, this store, if nothing else, is at least a bit of eye candy.

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The counter itself is also branded, with each letter extending down to the floor. “We inlaid the papabubble logotype into the checkout counter, taking after the idea of a candy that reveals the same pattern no matter where it is cut,” the architects explain.

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source: press release