Images courtesy of Takumi Ota | click to enlarge

Papabubble is a modern reincarnation of Willy Wonka and all his magical candy. The franchise originated in Barcelona but has been making its way overseas and late last year opened its 2nd location in Tokyo, joining its original brethren in Nakano.

Much in the vein of Wonka himself, the playful store interior was designed by Yusuke Seki, who heads up the design studio f.a.t. What’s both fantastic and unique about the store, and where it diverges from Wonka-like paranoid secrecy, is the open kitchen, where children and adults alike can watch the magic happen. Whether you are there to indulge your sweet tooth or just inhale the sweet saturated air, the small yet interactive space makes it ideal for candy lovers, Roald Dahl fans, and just about anyone.

Papabubble Shibuya
17-2 Kamiyama-Cho, Shibuya-ku (Gmap)
11am-9pm (closed Mondays)

Source: f.a.t. website (Seki-san and Ota-san for sending pictures)