Takashi Murakami Installs Signature Flower Motifs at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC

Going in for a PET scan or a CT scan is never a fun thing, no matter how old you are. But at Washington, DC’s Children’s National Hospital, where over 2000 scans are performed annually, the experience just got a little more uplifting. Artist Takashi Murakami has covered an entire room, including the device, with his signature floral motifs.

A room that is often frightening and intimidating has been transformed into a colorful landscape of flowers and clouds. Takashi Murakami worked with RxART, a nonprofit whose mission is to help children heal through the power of visual art, to install the artworks at the Children’s National, located in the center of U.S. capitol.

“The CT Suite can be an imposing environment,” says Dr. Dorothy Bulas, Chief of Radiology at the hospital, but Murakami’s work “adds some beauty and levity.” Murakami posted photos of the completed CT Suite to his Instagram account last week.

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  1. Gilda Blackmore

    November 8, 2020 at 4:46 pm

    WOW! This and the US election!
    Good stuff!

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