You may not know TAKT Project, but you’ve probably come across one of their creations before. The four experienced designer of this Tokyo-based design agency have worked on several project with consumer goods brands Muji and Sony in the past. They banded together in 2011 in an effort to bring innovative and inspiring product design to the masses. Last year, they made this vision come true by teaming up with the Japanese startup WHILL and supporting the design of its futuristic mobility vehicle.

3-PRING Product, their latest project, aims to cross the bridge between industrial design and DIY culture by giving consumers the power to transform the products of their daily life. 3-PRING blends elements designed and 3D printed by the TAKT team with mass-produced goods from Japanese brand MUJI. The parts produced by TAKT allow your pen container to become a minimalist ceiling lamp, your simple clock to become wall-mounted, or even your chairs to be used as a table.


Attachment Clock = Alarm Clock + 3D-printed parts + Suction cup

“Just like a ‘sampling techniques’ in music industry which create new tracks by quoting a track or sound in the past, we can create original products by quoting a ready-made product, and adding pieces made by 3D printer.”

The project was still experimental as they presented it last month at the Shibuya MOV lounge, and they are pondering as to whether or not they should release the 3d-printing data to the public. Let’s hope they do and allow consumers worldwide to take control of their everyday objects.

3-PRING10 (1)

Table = Steel Leg Chair + 3D-printed parts + Honeycomb Cardboard


Pendant Light = Plastic Basket + 3D-printed parts + LED

Photo credits: Masayuki Hayashi

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3-PRING04 (1)

Stacking Case= Plastic Basket + 3D-printed parts


Leg Case = Plastic Basket + 3D-printed parts



Book Rack = Plastic File Box + 3D-printed parts


Stand Shelf = Drawer Unit + 3D-printed parts + Wooden Bars