Japanese designer Taku Omura runs an intriguing side project he calls trial and error. Inspired by their shapes and forms, Omura transforms company logos we see every day, into usable items by imagining them in 3D. He then uses a 3D-printer to create miniature prototypes and before you know it, Adobe’s logo is a clothes hanger and the Playstation logo is a bookend.

the Adobe logo as clothes hanger

Omura runs a successful design office in Japan. We even carry his iconic ripple vase in our shop. But in his free time he keeps himself busy with an ingenious side project to reimagine company logos in three-dimensional form and assign them a particular function.

Some of these are really brilliant and need to be turned into actual products. They could work great as corporate merchandise. (thanks for the tip Duncan)

the Playstation logo as bookends

various Japanese convenient store logos as erasers (can you recognize the color palettes?)

the Mitsubishi logo as electric fan

Maruchan, the brand of instant noodles, has a logo that is perfect as a lid clamp

the gradient logo of bon curry as a series of serving bowls

The Seino shipping company has a blurring kangaroo logo, which works perfectly as a comb