Tanima Diver | The Cleavage Diving Necklace by Takayuki Fukusawa

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The Japanese designer Takayuki Fukusawa established his design firm in 2012 with the objective of “making a world full of ‘humorous art & design’.” I want people to look at my work and think, “he made another ridiculous thing.” And he’s certainly accomplished that goal with Tanima Diver, his latest creation.

The series of necklaces features fearless divers and climbers that, when worn – presumably by large-breasted women – the figurines appear to be descending into the unknown depths of cleavage. There’s the salaryman diver, the skydiver, the astronaut, and the canyon climber.

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The 30-year old designer recently launched a campfire campaign (basically the kickstarter of Japan) to commercialize his Tanima Diver. He’s trying to raise 400,000 yen (about $4,000) by the end of this month.

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Fukusawa is no stranger to incorporating slightly perverted concepts into his designs. Last year he created “Delusion Mapping Project,” a series of t-shirts with hyper realistic prints of women’s bras.

He stands by his art though, insisting that he’s trying to challenge the norms of society. And he’s been rewarded for it to. Last year his “chu-lip” illustrations won the International Illustration Competition of Japan.

[Update 8/14/15] Fukusawa announced that his necklaces are being turned into a photobook, which is now available on Amazon.jp.

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  2. This is certainly ridiculous.

  3. Where can I get this in the UK???? I love it!

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