Each year the Japan Graphic Designers Association (or JAGDA) honors young, up-and-coming talent by recognizing 3 gifted designers. The award, which was established in 1983 highlights exceptional work in graphic design that has been created by designers 39 or younger. The 2014 awards were just announced so here’s a look at the winners:

Daijiro Ohara
is a 36-year old freelance designer creates book designs and logos that are heavily typographic and often employ experimental typefaces. In recent years he began to explore intersections between landscape and typography, which led him to work with photographer Takashi Honma (previously) . His series “Ryosen,” in which Ohara overlays typography and landscape photography, helped land him the spot this year.



Junya Kamada is a 38-year old designer that has been working independently since 2012. Based in Hokkaido, he creates playful packaging designs for local brands. His branding and packaging design work for a tofu shop and farm in Hokkaido was, in part, responsible for winning him recognition from the judges.


branding for a local tofu shop using the shape of tofu as a repeating motif



packaging design for pasta sauce

Kentaro Harano is the youngest of the group. But at 31, the partner at ad agency Hakuhodo has already worked on various high-profile artwork for celebrities like Hikaru Utada and Korean pop group Girls Generation. However, it’s his more subdued work that really allows him to shine, like the recruitment posters he created for his own firm and “wanted” posters for a community revitalization project.


left: recruitment posters for Haokuhodo | right: poster for a stuffed animal company


posters for community revitalization project