Riffing on the word yutanpo, which is Japanese for hot water bottle, tetanpo is an adorable bird-shaped ceramic hand warmer. Maybe you’ve been working on your computer on a cold day and your hands (and eyes) need a break? The tetampo was developed for just that type of situation.

The tetanpo was developed by industrial designer Kazuki Ueda, who worked with an artisan from Aichi prefecture’s Setouchi region, which is known for their pottery industry. Each tetampo is handmade using molds. The cute, round shape is designed to be cuddled with both hands, which encourages the user to just relax with it doing absolutely nothing.

The secret to its warmth are adzuki beans, which are commonly used in Japan for hot/cold packs. Red beans naturally hold temperature (especially heat) for long periods of time, which means you enjoy the benefits for longer without reheating. Simply heat the entire tetampo in your microwave for about 30 seconds and the gentle heat will continue emanating through the porcelain for 15 minutes: the perfect amount of time for a break.

The tetampo is available for pre-order in the designer’s shop for 3520 yen and is expected to ship in October.