all images courtesy MA2 Gallery

In a new exhibition at MA2 Gallery in Tokyo, the extraordinary work of two female artists is put on display in “Harmony.” The show, which just opened over the weekend and runs through August 12, features the glass organism-like sculptures of Shoko Matsumiya and the ceramic “sealife” of Michiko Sago. As the title of the show implies, one of the most interesting aspects about showcasing these two artists together is that it highlights the ambiguities of what we consider to be dissimilar and similar.

Shoko Matsumiya (previously) creates what she calls “Duquheapuer” (pronounced duke-oo-heaper) – imaginary organism-like creatures that she conjured up as a child. The artist smashes soda bottles and, using only glue and the occasional blow-torch, assembles the shards into intricate sculptures.

Michiko Sago creates equally intricate forms that showcase the possibilities of porcelain. From shiny and dull to smooth and prickly, they not only resemble deep-sea creatures but they also demonstrate a similar diversity.

thanks to MA2 Gallery for providing images