the anti-loneliness ramen bowl

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Planning on spending a lot of lonely nights with just ramen and your phone to keep you company? Well Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan of MisoSoupDesign have just the thing. They’ve created an elegant ramen bowl with a built-in iPhone dock, freeing up your hands as you slurp up your noodles.

“We did it for fun — it’s kind of sarcastic,” said Jan in an interview. “We’re not trying to promote everyone looking at their screens all the time.” And they’ve given their bowl an equally playful name – the anti-loneliness bowl. I just have 1 question: when is the iPad version coming out?

anti-loneliness ramen bowl 3 anti-loneliness ramen bowl 2

source: Japan Pulse

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  1. I think this and Facetime were invented for one reason!
    I apologize for my immaturity in advance. 🙂

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