How to Crochet Yourself the Perfect Bowl of Ramen

Youtuber betibettin recently created a tutorial on how to make ramen. The final product looks so yummy that you can’t help but feel hunger pains. The only thing is, he’s not a chef and his ramen isn’t edible. Try and you’ll end up with a mouth full of yarn. Betibettin is a power crocheter and his latest creation is a bowl of ramen created entirely from yarn. The only thing that’s not yarn is a thin piece of cellophane place over the noodles for added soup-effect.

knit ramen (7)

knit ramen (5)

the trick to making lifelike ramen: create a ball of yarn and then undo it

knit ramen (6)

knit ramen ingredients

all the ingredients – egg, scallions and bamboo shoots – made from yarn


  1. This is great! But since the work is crocheted, why does your headline say “how to knit”

    • @kathy – thanks for pointing that out! To be perfectly honest I didn’t know the different and was using them interchangeably :p

  2. You should check out Kate Jenkins uk, she is totally the queen of crochet !!! Been doing this for years

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