The Birds of Tokyo Beautifully Illustrated by Ryo Takemasa

Last year the commercial complex Tokyo Midtown invited illustrator Ryo Takemasa to illustrate some of the most common birds in Tokyo. By teaming up with graphic design studio Tawarasha, they created a wonderful little pamphlet of 25 of the most common birds of Japan’s capital. They’re all there, from the common swallow and turtle dove to the beautiful great egret and annoying large-billed crow.

The booklet was produced exclusively for Tokyo Midtown and if you visited last your you may have been lucky enough to pick one up. If not, there are many more of Takemasa’s beautifully illustrated birds in his portfolio.

the brambling

the large billed crow

the pigeon

the brown-eared bulbul

the Japanese tit (which we are just way to immature to say without chuckling)

the Japanese pygmy woodpecker

the Barn swallow

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  1. Japan’s art is always astounding in its simplicity and elegance. I don’t think you even need to be a bird-lover to appreciate this!

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