Born in 1989, Takuma Sato is a Japanese photographer who studied architecture in school. His work tends to be highly conceptual and his approach to photography is one that highlights the architectural relationship between objects.

One of his most eye-capturing, thought-provoking and just overall satisfying series is WYSASSS. The acronym stands for – you’ll never guess so don’t try – “When You See the Acrylic to See a Stone a Stone.”

To create his enigmatic portraits, Sato placed a piece of acrylic in between two stones and photographed them at the perfect angle so that the acrylic is rendered nearly invisible and the top stone appears to levitate. Look closely and you’ll see a very slight discoloration where the acrylic is placed.

In a recent exhibition, Sato’s photographs and sculptures return to the stage to be remixed by curator and fellow photographer Gosuke Sugiyama (Gottingham). “WYSASSS ── curated by Gottingham” is on view at CAGE GALLERY in Tokyo through March 25, 2018.