The Mirror: 30 Major Artists Descend Upon an 80-Year Old Office Building in Ginza

the mirror ginza

the 80-year old building in ginza where a massize art show will take place

Art shows taking place in soon-to-be-demolished Tokyo buildings seems to be something of a trend this year. First there was BCTION, which featured over 70 emerging artists sprawled throughout different floors. Next is THE MIRROR, which is bringing major artists and architects like Kengo Kuma, Kohei Nawa, Lee Ufan and Anish Kapoor to an 80-year old office building in Ginza that once served as Nagoya’s House of Commerce.

The Mirror runs from October 16 – November 9, 2014. Tickets are 1,000 yen and must be purchased ahead of time.


Naoya Hatakeyama at the mirror ginza

“Blast #05417” (1998) by Naoya Hatakeyama

Yohei Yamakami at the mirror ginza

Tokyo Atlas (2013) by Yohei Yamakami

Lee Ufan and Nicolas Buffe at the mirror ginza

left: ialogue (2013) by Lee Ufan | right: Nicolas Buffe installation at the Hara Museum of Art

kohei nawa and shigeru uchida at the mirror ginza

left: PixCell-Deer (2013) by Kohei Nawa | Ryurei “Jizo-in Jyoku” (2007) by Shigeru Uchida


  1. I’m an Australian recent graduate of architecture who happens to be travelling in Japan, and we’ll be in Tokyo on the 22nd October just before departing. I cannot read or speak Japanese, but I gather the 22nd performance is relating to architecture and tickets are available. I wonder if anyone can advise me of whether or not I should attempt to buy tickets given I know no amount of Japanese? I don’t mind not understanding as long as I will be able to attend!

  2. RE: Jason

    The lecture series is just part of the overall exhibit, so you can buy a ticket for the art alone and not the lecture. I recommend doing this very much! I am not coming to Japan until December and I am quite jealous.

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