BCTION: Over 70 Artists Turn a Tokyo Office Building Slated for Demolition Into Massive Art Gallery

Tokyo is currently undergoing tremendous change. The 2011 earthquake has put even more urgency on city planners and developers to ensure their buildings are quake-proof. In addition, the government is making way for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and all its accompanying facilities. That means many old buildings are being torn down and the face of Tokyo is changing at a dizzying rate.

As a statement of simply existing – being alive and witnessing these turbulent times – a group of over 70 artists have banded together and taken over an office building slated for demolition. Titled BCTION, for roughly a month and a half artists have staged installations on all 9 floors, repurposing the “dead space of the city” into a splendid art gallery.

BCTION tokyo

The 7th floor space includes work by Aruto Watanabe, Hideyuki Katsumata, RtypeL and more.

BCTION will be up through this weekend (ending Sept. 28, 2014) in Kojimachi (Gmap). Admission is free but you have to reserve tickets online. All images are from BCTION’s instagram account, where you can see even more.

BCTION tokyo

the 8th floor includes work by JONJON GREEN

BCTION tokyo

on the 9th floor is work by New York’s Meguru Yamaguchi (studio visit here)

BCTION tokyo

the 5th floor occupies an installation by tha

BCTION tokyo

an installation by COLORGUNG on the 2nd floor

BCTION tokyo

on the 6th floor, a mural by art unit WHOLE9

BCTION tokyo

On the 1st floor, a mural by YOU, meaning anyone can draw on it


  1. I really REALLY enjoyed it! Thank you for the info! ^o^/
    Some of my pictures can be seen on my blog here: http://www.color-lounge.com/blog/2014/09/bction/


  2. Now imagine, seeing these wall paintings: why no do a similar thing with a NEW office building, e.g. for a creative agency, before carpets and furniture are brought in? This fine art deserves to persist longer than until demolition.

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