Running simultaneously with Tokyo Designers Week is “the new market,” a sort-of-renegade standalone exhibition of 35 up and coming artists and designers. Between 10/30 and 11/3 the design “supermarket” will take over 3 floors in the Gotanda Aji building where over 500 original pieces of work will be on view, and for sale.

Consistent with one of our missions of unearthing new talent from Japan, throughout the week we will be showcasing some of our favorites from the group. First up is Tatsuya Maemura, a 30-year old product designer who  obtained his design education in Europe and, just this year, established his own design studio.

Photos by Ayu Kobayashi | click to enlarge

Cork Stool is a steel stool that is completed only when the user recorks the seat (which is actually made from cork)!

Felt envelope is a minimal, elegant case to protect your mac.

I also like the camera case that he made specifically for the Ricoh GR digital, and specifically for Ricoh GR digital users – a breed of photographers, he believes, who have always been captivated by the compactness and stability of the product.