Also exhibiting at the new market is Hidetoshi Kuranari, an employee at an ad agency in Japan. I didn’t know this, but apparently he was behind the “truths only kids can see” project we wrote about on Spoon & Tamago last year. I was a huge fan of the idea so it was nice to learn that the project took home a silver at this year’s Art Director Club awards.

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But I digress. At the new market Hidetoshi will be showcasing MOON, a stunning light bulb that replicates the look and feel of moonlight. Not only does it  emit the luminance of a full moon on a clear night, it also casts a shadow of the shapes and colors of the moon. And I love the packaging design – beautiful work by Chihiro Konno.


There were only 200 made so hopefully some will be on sale.
How cool would it be to tell your kids bedtime stories under the moon?