The Tokyo Last Train Map is the Perfect Art Print for Night Owls

Tokyo Last Train Map | click image to enlarge

If you live or work in Tokyo, you may *ahem* occasionally find yourself out late, either drinking or working. And Tokyo isn’t exactly the city that never sleeps, especially when it comes to its extensive train and subway system. So if you don’t want to get stuck sleeping in a capsule hotel, you’ll need to do some planning. That’s where the Tokyo Last Train Map comes in handy.

Created by a Japanese designer and map enthusiast who goes by the twitter handle @chizutodesign, the beautiful print lays out all of Tokyo’s trains in radial form, along with the times they leave their first stop and arrive at their last stop. From far away it almost looks like fireworks.

It’s a beautiful visualization of Tokyo’s massive transit system as it prepares to slowly turn the lights out on another busy day. There are a few outliers but, as you’ll see, right around midnight is when you’re going to want to start heading for that train station!


  1. Below the map it says: “click image to enlarge”. But when I click the map, the inset map fly-out actually gets a lot smaller. I am not amused…

  2. It works if you right-click, open in new tab, and click on the image to magnify.

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