In honor of National Cat Day and, and as a cat owner myself, I present you with one of my favorites from the 2013 Tokyo Design Week. The9life is a new Japan and Hong Kong based lifestyle brand that “explores the endless possibilities that arise when you combine 3 key elements – Cat + Human + Space.” They solve a key frustration that almost all cat owners face: cat furniture is just too damn ugly.

Taking their experience from living in dense urban environments where space is scarce, the designers propose a number of clever products that help to improve the quality of living for both us and our faithful feline companions.

Welcome Home Shelf serves as a perch for your cat to greet you when they hear your footsteps outside. It also comes with a built-in planter and a shelf for everyday items the mail and keys.


Afternoon Table turns your old magazines into a scratching post! When you finish with your magazine, add it to the pile in the storage compartments and you have a continuously renewing scratching post.


Cuckoo Clock is a functioning wall clock that doubles as a cat toy. “When kitty bats at the bird tail that hangs from Cuckoo Clock, the bird perched above will dance.”


They also make these adorable tote bags!


This post is part of a series covering the 2013 Tokyo Designers Week.