If you own anything from minimal lifestyle retailer MUJI you’ll know that their products are designed to precise calculations and specifications, often with architectural elements, allowing them to be stacked, layered and lined. Taking advantage of these characteristics, a creative agency has recreated many of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks and buildings using only MUJI products.

The installation–part of a joint-campaign to promote Tokyo as well as one of Japan’s most iconic retailers– will be traveling to Taipei and then New York.


a close-up of the iconic Shibuya Crossing

muji-tokyo-products (1)

Using everything at their disposal from pencils and erasers to desk organizers and notebooks, creative agency dot by dot, with the help of TASKO, recreated some of Tokyo’s most iconic locations such as Shibuya Crossing and Tokyo Tower, creating a vast and intricate installation from over 10,000 MUJI products. They even show a breakdown of which products were used.

The installation is going to be on display in the Taipei MUJI store from March 5 – March 15, 2016. It will then travel to New York where it will be on display at the new 5th Avenue MUJI store from March 19 – April 26, 2016.


a close-up of an unidentified temple in Tokyo


muji-tokyo-products (3)