I was interrupted yesterday so I just wanted to wrap up my post on the Tokyo.Interactive.Ad.Awards. Despite UNIQLO dominating in a majority of the categories from “Interactive Advertisements” to “Corporate Tie-Ups” and “Integrated Campaigns”, there were many other strong showings. Here are a few that caught my eye.

“Floating Banner” category finalist.
“Rensa” is a public service announcement for a campaign against cigarette littering.

Interactive Advertisement category finalist.
“Color Tokyo!” is an advertisement for SONY’s Bravia in which users could go online and manipulate the actual color of the SONY Bldg in Tokyo’s Ginza district. That’s pretty awesome, if you ask me.

“Corporate Website” category silver medalist.
Japan Post, Always With You“is the website of Japan’s post office. The Flash animation is so so adorable. I love the way they convey their role of bringing people and ideas close together. Definitely worth a watch.

“Interactive Advertisement” category finalist.
“RecYou”is an ad for the SONY Walkman. The website allows you to upload a picture of yourself, which is then digitally manipulated to make you appear like you are totally rockin’ out.
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You can check out the entire list of recipients HERE!