This just rocketed to the top of my WANT list. Yogo Nakamura of interactive design agency tha, just last night unveiled his latest work. Equipped with an integrated computer, Framed* is, in essence, a digital picture frame… and then so much more. What’s intriguing is that this is not a new invention. We have digital picture frames and we have digital signs (this is somewhere in between) and yet it’s revolutionary –  a great example of how good design, when married with a clear concept, can result in a robust product. As evidenced by Apple, it’s not about who does it first but how they do it.

Framed  Framed (3) Framed (4) Framed (5)


Framed* is capable of displaying a diverse selection of interactive art, web apps, motion graphics and illustrations. But perhaps most significant is the iPhone app that acts as a remote controller, allowing the user to either select and play art (either in person or away), or to control interactive pieces of art through the touchscreen.

I might have been a different person if this was around when I was in art school. But not only does Framed* have the potential to revolutionize the way artists and designers share their portfolios, I think it could also do for visual artists what the iPhone did for game developers. It could create a whole new market place for the buying and selling of art. In fact, currently artists are creating all types of art that will be available for you to purchase through the app.

Framed (2)

I love the details of the site too, like the awesome domain name and this great animated gif.

source: twitter | tha

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