A Japanese Steel Company’s Beautiful Briefcase

Konstella is a new brand of stylish carrying cases made by Japanese steel company Toyo Steel. The Osaka-based manufacturer specializes in utilitarian lightweight steel products like tool boxes and casters. So in some ways it’s surprising that something so stylish would come out of a company whose bread and butter is humble workday objects. But Toyo Steel actually has a history of utilizing their seamless engineering to merge the worlds of style and utility.

The Konstella “Briefcase”

The founder of Toyo Steel, Keiyu Hisashi, had an eye for design. He created the Trusco Deluxe toolbox in 1947. The design has largely remained unchanged and its blue enamel finish is instantly recognizable. It’s won stamps of approval from Japan’s Good Design Awards, but also the Museum of Modern Art.

Although the original founder passed away in 2014, his DNA lives on in the company. In 2016 they partnered with product development studio Iroyori to create Konstella. Inspired by the constellations in the sky, the team set out to design a carrying case that would allow the modern, on-the-go professional to turn any space into a desk. Sourcing leather from a town in Ehime that has a 1000-year history of producing leather products and combining them with their own drawn press method of creating strong and durable containers, the company created their line of Konstella carrying cases.

the Konstella “Protection Case”

The company is still ramping up distribution so the cases do not appear to be available anywhere yet. But they do come in 3 sizes: the Brief Case (the largest size), the Protection Case (a laptop case with additional storage) and the Pouch (for all your small items and gadgets).

the Konstella “Pouch”

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