The Edwardian era of fashion in the early 1900s was perhaps best known for gigantic hats. Oversized hats were having their moment on the heads of high society women despite complaints that they were obtrusive. But how can a hat really be while still being, well, a hat? Japanese architect Kosaku Matsumoto decided to try and find out.

Matsumoto collaborated with Japanese hat maker Japan Braid Hat to create “The Hat’s Limitation.” The company is known for their sanada hats, which are woven seamlessly together and are completely jointless. Utilizing their knowledge and technique, Matsumoto was able to create a hat 5 times larger than the standard, “stretching the technical limit of the craftsman, and extending the very definition of we can see as a hat.”

The project was more of an experiment, and I don’t think the company has any plans to start selling this hat. But it was definitely worth it, if only for these great pictures. Oddly, this actually looks like something I can picture people wearing. The best part would be that all your friends can benefit from your shade!