MCJDA (minami arai 1)all photos courtesy Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award and the artist

In a fascinating installation, artist and student Minami Arai uses books and wires to illuminate the lost art of the written word. “Before typewriters there was the written word,” says Arai in a statement. “The text would trace the action of writing , offering glimpses of the author’s personality current state of mind.”

In “Tracing Action” Arai uses thick wire and to recreate an elevated text from her favorite books. It’s as if the text is rising off the page and being brought to life.

The installation was part of Arai’s graduating thesis show at Musashino Art University. It then went on to win an award in the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award, which celebrates the work of student artists. You can see all our previous coverage of the awards HERE.

MCJDA (minami arai 2)

Arai even goes as far as to adjust the depth of edits made after the original writing to illustrate the passage of time.

MCJDA (minami arai 5)

MCJDA (minami arai 3)

MCJDA (minami arai 4)

source: Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award