X-Ray Portraits of Couples by Saiko Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi

Adobe Photoshop PDFphotos courtesy mitsubishi chemical junior designer award and the artists

What should have been warm, fuzzy photos of couples are drastically transformed into stark, rather eerie portraits by Saiko Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi. Using an actual CT scan and x-ray machine, the students artists photographed 4 couples, removing the everyday information that we typically perceive. But surprisingly what is revealed is something more than what we would see in a doctor’s office.

“X-ray images usually show the finite nature of our bodies composed only of matter,” say the duo. “But these couples portraits reveal a pulse that isn’t normally seen.” Romantic? No. Intimate? Absolutely.

Kanda and Hayashi conceived the body of work for their senior thesis exhibition at Musashino Art University. They went on to win a prize in the recent Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

MCJDA (x-ray portrait 2)

Adobe Photoshop PDF

[correction] an earlier version of this post mistakenly reported the artist’s name as Ayako Kanda. The correct name is Saiko Kanda.

source: Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award


  1. A very stirring project. I like it.

  2. Beautiful pics. I think it shows the true nature of being close.

  3. Does anyone know if prints of these can be purchased?

  4. Very cool! Reminds me of the skeleton pin ups by EIZO:

  5. Hello,
    Im wondering if anyone knows if we can purchase these photo’s or copies of them somehow?

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  7. I know everyone’s going “aww, how cute, I want a print!”, but all I can think about?
    Some of those are crazy awkward ways to sleep, man. I wasn’t aware couples regularly slept on top of one another, curled on separate vertical parts of the bed, or on each other’s feet.

  8. Kaitlin- It doesn’t say anywhere that they are supposed to be of couples sleeping. They are just portraits.

  9. Cute, until you realize how many of them have big gas bubbles sitting in their rectums. Unborn farts. The partner is about to get a surprise.

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