renkaRENCA by Masahiro Minami. All images courtesy masahiro minami | click to enlarge


Sometimes called “white gold,” the ethereal beauty of porcelain led ancient cultures to believe they were fallen stars, often ascribing magical powers to them. In Southeast Asia, porcelain was even thought to heal the sick, or call down the gods. Porcelain has since taken on a life of it’s own but looking at Masahiro Minami’s latest creations, one can’t help but empathize with those of the past.

For several years now Minami has been experimenting with the possibilities of translucent ceramics. And now, after much anticipation, he’s finally ready to release a full-scale collection of exquisite ceramic washbowls that all come with LED lighting. The collection, which was designed by Minami along with product designer Michio Akita, is a collaboration with Shigaraki-based Souhougama, who originally developed and patented the translucent ceramic technology.

Imagine walking into your bathroom at night and seeing this stunning sink!

keishou circle

keishou circle2above: KEISHOU circle, below: KEISHOU square, both by Michio Akita

 keishou square2 keishou square

suirinSUIRIN by Masahiro Minami


The collection will debut at the Lighting Fair in Tokyo (early March 2013). The pieces range in price, starting at around 25,000 yen for the SENKO pendant lamp and going as high as 210,000 yen for the RENCA washbowl.

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IMG_5667 2IMG_5682 2

IMG_5673 2SENKO by Masahiro Minami