I wanted to finish off the week by profiling a recently completed home designed by Tomoko Taguchi Architects. By the way, it’s nice to see a woman’s perspective in the largely male-dominant profession of architecture, especially in Japan.

TRAPEZIUM was designed for a young couple who had 2 requests, a performance hall where their musician friends could perform, and to be able to leave their curtains open without worrying about neighbors peering in. To a certain degree the 2 requests work against each when the objective is to create a welcoming environment where many people are free to come and go, while maintaining a level of privacy. However, I think the architect succeeded immensely in marrying the two.

Taguchi also managed to incorporate her own holistic approach to architecture. She believes that the intrinsic value of a home should not be assessed mainly by square footage or the number of bedrooms, but how much sunlight it lets in, or the cross-ventilation, or the view; aspects that ultimately amount to your quality of life within the home.