Treasure hunting in the woods | Onico is a kid-friendly hair salon

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Earlier this year a new hair salon opened in Kamishinden, just North of Osaka City. Onico was designed by Ryo Isobe, an Osaka-based architect who specializes in beauty salons. Isobe worked with the owner to create custom antique and DIY furniture, including mirrors, lighting and display boards. “We don’t just make things look pretty. We design user experience,” says Isobe, who goes on to explain that he imagined Onico as a woodland filled with whimsical curiosities.

The space is filled with birch trees wedged between the floor and ceiling. And dotted throughout are odd objects like a stuffed owl. It’s as if you’re going on a treasure hunt through the woods. The antiquey look makes it seem very delicate and not kid friendly, right? Well you’d be surprised to learn that kids are more than welcome. In fact, they even have a room where kids can hang out and wait for their parents. Now that’s a cool idea.

Onico Hair Nai-RyoIsobe (7)Onico Hair Nai-RyoIsobe (8)

If you’re just catching up, we’re doing a short series this week on recent trends in Japanese hair salon architecture. You can read the intro here.

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  1. amazing hair salon for kids attraction..
    love its interior decoration.. 🙂

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