Designed by Nara-based design studio A4, tumi-isi (積み石; ‘stacking stones’ in Japanese) are a set of 5 blocks individually hand bevelled into asymmetrical shapes by local artisans. No two sets are identical. These tactile objects are meant to nourish your sense of balance and creativity, while also transporting you back to that river where you stacked stones as high as you could. 

Originally designed back in 2008, the tumi-isi blocks have gone on to win numerous design awards from Japan’s prestigious Good Design Awards to the Good Toy Awards. Tumi-Isi was recognized not just for its simple yet joyful design but because of the thought and care that goes into each block.

Tumi-Isi are made from the finest woods of local Yoshino Cedar and Yoshino Cypress from Nara. And the blocks are coated with natural pigments that comply with European toy safety standards, making them safe and fun for stackers of all ages.

Everything from the processing, painting,  assembly and inspection is done in Higashiyoshino Village, Nara Prefecture, making this product 100% “Made in Japan.” They’re available through the Spoon & Tamago shop.