Type Eyewear Turns Fonts into Frames


The typeface Garamond was created specifically to improve the reading experience, while Helvetica was intended to be clean, useful and as unassuming yet necessary as the air we breathe. “In written communication, people choose type for how it can add meaningful layers of intent and expression to the words they write,” say the creators of TYPE, a new brand of glasses whose visual design is inspired by typefaces.


With the help of ad agency Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo, online eyewear retailer Oh My Glasses recently launched the new initiative. The first edition features glasses based on two typefaces known for their universality and individuality: Helvetica and Garamond. “The design of a typeface affects how a message is communicated. We use these subtle differences in the design of glasses’ frames to influence the impression of the person who wears them.”

Retailing for 24,150 yen (about $235), the glasses will go on sale at the end of this month.






source: press release


  1. Wonder if they have Comic Sans 😛

    Love the concept.

  2. Type glasses are elegant compare to other glasses. It’s a wonder why not everyone discovered this glasses.

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