For all the preaching on the health benefits of drinking more water, very few tools help us actually achieve this. So when Taro Mukasa, an illustrator and toy designer at creative agency Zariganiworks came across a manga panel in which the protagonist declares that his hobby is drinking water, it sparked an idea for a seemingly ordinary yet extraordinary pair of tumblers.

Working with the product designers at Tent Design, the team decided to create a tool specifically for drinking more water. The result was a pair of tumblers named uenosuke (older sibling) and shitanosuke (younger sibling), a whimsical and playful name that implies they are the perfect pair. Uenosuke is slightly larger and fits snugly over shitanosuke like a capsule, keeping the rim sanitary and the water clean.

To bring their idea to life they collaborated with Sakae Industries, a 40-year old company specializing in high-grade transparent plastics like the ones you find as trays inside your refrigerator. And after 3 years of work, Uenosuke Shitanosuke was finally ready for the world.

Uenosuke Shitanosuke is a combination of creative design, high-grade industry and craftsmanship. The glass-like shine is the result of hand-polishing each and every cup. And yet they’re made from highly durable tritan, the same material that is used in baby bottles. Which means that the tumblers can withstand freezing and boiling temperatures.

Despite being inspired by the modest act of drinking water, the tumblers have endless uses. At work or at bedside, as a lidded glass or personal carafe. You can take it outdoors and use it as a glass for two. You can also use it with a tea bag or muddler on one side. At its essence, Uenosuke Shitanosuke is a vessel that allows you to enjoy and elevate your thoughtfulness when drinking.

The tumblers are available in 3 colors (amber, olive and smoke) and 2 sizes (small and large). Perfect for our New Year’s resolution: drink more water and less of everything else!