Umekeshi | an eraser shaped like a sour plum

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Absurd? Yes. Irrational? Of course. Do I want one? Absolutely. This umeboshi eraser (umekeshi) is utterly adorable. As the site accurately points out, I have the urge to put it in the center of my notebook, creating a hinomaru bento (essentially white rice with an umeboshi in the middle, representing the Japanese flag).

It was designed by Fuminori Motodani, a freelance designer who submitted it to the 2013 Midtown Awards and won. The item has yet to hit shelves but if it gets enough votes on the crowd-sourced commercialization website cuusoo it may become available.


umekeshi-940-510 (1)

source: SFC Design

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  1. We should all have plum erasers, I don’t know why someone didn’t think of it before!

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