all photos by Takumi Ota courtesy Oniki Design Studio

CRAFSTO is a new Japanese fashion accessory brand that places sustainability at the forefront of their business model. Working mainly with cacti and other plant-derived vegan leather, CRAFSTO has developed what they call “future-oriented craftsmanship.” And their ethos extends not only to their products but to the walls of their new Tokyo shop and beyond.

the vegan leather door handle, made from cacti, allows visitors to experience its smooth texture upon entering the store

CRAFSTO‘s shop is located near Asakusabashi Station in Tokyo, a neighborhood known for their many leatherware dealers. Working with architect Koichiro Oniki, the brand renovated the first and second floors of a building into their shop and workshop.

Beginning with the leather door handle that visitors use when entering the shop, the attention to detail is a manifestation of the brand’s pledge towards sustainability. Vegan leather is used on the finishes of the bench and the pillar (the unzipped zipper is a fun touch!) while scrap leather was incorporated into plaster for the walls.

But what the brand calls their “future-oriented craftsmanship” extends beyond the walls of their shop. In addition to working with cactus and apple-derived vegan leather, the brand is committed to avoiding excessive packaging, using environmentally friendly bagasse paper for cards and leaflets, as well as pursuing minimal emissions in their printing and other processes.

You can visit their store in Tokyo (google map) or shop their online catalog (they just started shipping overseas this month). You can also follow them on Instagram.

We place great importance on “future-oriented craftsmanship” that does not sacrifice the future of people or nature in the materials or production process.


an original plaster finish made from tiny leather pieces decorates the wall