WalkCar: the World’s Smallest Electric Vehicle That Fits in Your Bag


Move over Segway. Step aside Honda’s Uni-Cub. A Japanese engineer has invented a better way to travel. The WalkCar, developed by 26-year old Kuniaki Sato looks like a laptop. Except when you put it on the ground, step on it and lean forward, it takes you on a magic carpet ride.

WalkCar 1

WalkCar 2

Despite being so small–it weighs between 4.4 – 6.6 pounds depending on whether it’s an indoor or outdoor version–the WalkCar packs a lot of power. It can travel at up to 10 km/hr for distances of up to 12 km after each charge, which takes about 3 hours. Sure that’s more charging time than travel time but it’s enough for a senior citizen to get to the train station, pack up their “car” into their bag and get on a train.

Saito and his firm Cocoa Motors plan to launch the WalkCar on Kickstarter this coming October, 2015. Project backers will be able to order the WalkCar for 100,000 yen (about $800).

WalkCar 3


  1. Awesome invention, but it looks like it’s made for lazy ppl who dont want to walk xD
    It would be great for elders, though

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