Radio frequency shielding fashion to help you focus

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Mobile devices have become an everyday part of life. Literally, at any moment in time we are capable of chatting, liking, tweeting or “engaging” with others all over the world, regardless of what we are doing. But with all that technology are we actually disengaging, instead of engaging?

“Often [our phones] distract us from the things we really want to focus on like pursuing our goals, enjoying a moment with friends, appreciating the world around us.” That’s the idea behind FOCUS, a new garment collection by conceptual fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga (previously). Using a type of material that shields electromagnetic waves, Morinaga has designed a line of men’s and woman’s fashion that protects us from “the storm of information.”

The fashion line was a collaboration between Morinaga, PARTY, AID-DCC and Trident. It debuted during Toronto Fashion Week.

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  1. George Johnson

    May 10, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    Radio-shielding select pockets is a great idea that is highly marketable (as protection against WIFI or Bluetooth or RFID data theft — The Easy Pass scandal as one example and many idiotic No Swipe RFID Credit Cards). On the other marketing aspect, it is passive shielding against store security tags which allows very easy shoplifting and petty theft (which probably will become the primary target market with the secondary market being Data Theft protection).

    To radio shield the whole body is easier with an active electromagnetic Faraday Cage mesh. It looks like the designer here is using passive-shielding carbon fiber mesh (stiff) or multiple Mylar-coated fabric layers.

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