Adjective: Emitting or relating to the emission of ionizing radiation or particles.

We are all radioactive is a documentary film project organized by my friend and ASIJ senpai Lisa Katayama. The story is told – in the most literal sense – through the eyes of a group of surfers who live 100 miles north of Fukushima. After a visit with the surfers, Lisa and filmmaker Jason Wishnow left a bunch of waterproof cameras with them so about half of the footage is actually shot by the subjects themselves.

In a recent interview Lisa told The Atlantic:

We want to remind the world that a magnitude 9.0 earthquake isn’t just “breaking news” with big numbers of casualties. Beyond all that, there are these real human stories, the resilience of people who are living with this every day. That’s the story that we want to continue to tell, and continue to have people engage in.

Above is the trailer and below is episode 1, which was just released yesterday. They’re looking to fund the rest of their episodes so if you want to get involved check out their funding page.

source: @tokyomango | The Atlantic