In Japan right now it’s the time of year for congratulations, farewells and best wishes. For reflecting on affectionate memories and on words of wisdom, as the graduating classes prepare to enter the precarious and sometimes dangerous, real world. For students of art and design it is a time to shine: to put on public display the tools and equipment they have acquired during their years in art school. Senior thesis exhibitions are unfolding all across Japan right now and this week we’ll be taking a look at some of our favorites.

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Tama Art University Class of 2012 – Concentration in Product Design

I love this modular workstation, whose bends and turns create different levels for different tasks. I especially like comparing it to the cardboard mock-up.

gorgeous decorative glass vessels. They remind me a bit of lava lamps, just less tacky.

exquisite paper bowl that resembles a leaf decomposing after it has fallen to the ground.

A space divider using a repeating floral motif

source: taupdd2012