“I am interested in the visible and the invisible,” says Osaka-based artist Yasuaki Onishi. “Through my art work, I get information from the space and leave clues on the space.” His latest project is a sculpture, or a reversed sculpture, as Onishi would put it, using his trademark materials of plastic sheeting and black glue to recreate the weightless volume of a car.

Onishi typically works with more organic, abstract forms. But for his first collaboration with a major corporation like Mercedes-Benz he’s created a monumental form based on the company’s 4-door sedan, the CLA. As concrete as it is ghostly, Onishi spent about 5 days studying the shape and adjusting his proportions. “I was interested in working with a large and heavy structure like a car,” Onishi tells us, “but was concerned about actually being able to recreate the precise form.”