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With less than a month left for MoMA’s Rain Room, the line to get in has been getting out of control; there are recent reports of 7-8 hour wait times. But if you don’t have the time or the patience, here’s another idea.

Oki Sato from Japanese design firm Nendo has brought bathing into the living room by designing a lampshade shower. He has taken the concept of Bed, Bath and Beyond quite literally by creating an actual light source with water streaming from the edge of the showerhead/lampshade. Granted, the “WaterDream” is not going to be hitting stores anytime soon. It’s a conceptual piece meant to challenge our archetypes and expand the way we think about showering. It was created for Axor, a German brand that “has been developing alternative visions for the bathroom as a living space.”

WaterDream by Nendo Axor (3)

“The natural coming-together of light and water is freed from spatial constraints: what traditionally took place in separate rooms – reading under a lamp in the living room, taking a shower in the bathroom – can now be experienced free from spatial allocations or confinements,” says Philippe Grohe, head of Axor. In other words, now you can shower the way you’ve always wanted – while lying on a couch reading a book.

*Caution: your flood insurance claims may be denied.

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WaterDream by Nendo Axor (5)WaterDream by Nendo Axor (1)

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