a three dimensional character あ (ah) | click images to enlarge

My son has begun studying hiragana, 1-of-3 writing systems of the Japanese language. And it’s proving to be quite difficult as you not only have to remember the characters but the different stroke orders as well. But imagine what it would be like if we lived in a world of 3D hiragana characters. How much more complicated would our lives be? And more importantly, what would those characters look like from the side, or from the top?

Product designer Hideo Kanbara, most well-known for his kadokeshi – perhaps the only eraser to be acquired by the MoMA – has taken on the thought experiment, creating 2 examples. I would love to see all 48 characters rendered this way.

a three dimensional character ゆ (yu) | click images to enlarge

For more experimental hiragana, check out Taku Satoh’s Two Experiments Exhibition.

source: Hideo Kanbara