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Designer Taku Satoh recreated a 3-dimensional version of the Japanese alphabet by stacking numerous layers of paper. Apparently it was in response to an overall shift in emphasis towards contour, rather than essence – an unfortunate consequence of the pervasiveness of digital media.

I love how each hiragana is enclosed in their own individual wooden box, elevating them to a higher status. The execution of the exhibition is also breathtaking. I wish I could have seen it in person.

Taku Satoh | Two Experiments Exhibition
Gallery Kobo
2009.02.02  – 02.14

(I know it’s old work, but the designer just recently updated his website with a treasure trove of new work. I’ve been slowly going through it all. So much cool stuff!)

For other experimental hiragana, check out Hideo Kanbara’s 3D hiragana!

source: Taku Satoh’s website