In Japan of course. The October issue of Nikkei Design (out Sept 24) highlights a new trend in product branding;  hot pink. Companies across all industries appear to be picking up pink buckets of paint and taking their brushes to whatever they can get their hands on. A number of the products were understandable but I was a bit thrown by the car and refrigerator. I have to say, my favorite is the EGG Mouse. That is one good-looking mouse. I should devote an entire post to that mouse.

Lets work through this top to bottom.
Sony VIAO laptop W series | Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator
Lamy Safari Pen series | Rico CX2 digital camera
AU KDDI PLY cell phone | Itochu Karakoron Kyoto series of traditional accessories (embracing their inner-barbie won them an ADC Design Award)
Takemoto Foods PONTO chocolate packaging
Nissan Skyline Crossover (hard to tell but shown in “sparkling rose-silver”)
Elecom EGG Mouse mini | COSE Esprique Precious line of makeup

via Nikkei Design