These yokai sushi look they’re about to jump off your plate. A Japanese illustrator who goes by the pen-name Hanabiyori Tatami imagined these ghoulish creations, bringing various different types of sushi to life by imbuing them with yokai, a class of supernatural demons found in Japanese folklore.

sake yokai

There are innumerable yokai in Japanese folklore. And there is even a type of sushi that does derive its nomenclature from yokai. The kappamaki, a cucumber roll popular with children, gets its name from the kappa yokai, a river-dwelling imp that loves cucumbers.

The Kyushu-based Hanabiyori Tatami specializes in yokai illustrations, and has dreamed up other series of yokai as well like sake yokai, plant yokai, chochin lantern yokai and instant curry yokai.

You can follow Hanabiyori Tatami on Twitter and also on the Japanese illustration community site Pixiv.

plant yokai

instant curry yokai

chochin lantern yokai